About Me

My name is Julie aka Jules
I’m a mother of 👧🏻18 👦🏻15.
I’m a Medical Assistant/ Office manager been in the medical field for 17 years. At night I’m a tumbler and T-shirt marker. I’ve always loved making things. In elementary school I used to make my own Valentine’s Day cards, I honestly don’t know why that started but I really enjoyed it. I remember asking my parents for construction paper to make them. I’ve always been a DIY type of gal. Being in the medical field has had many ups and downs and found comfort in crafting Especially during the pandemic.

I started with customizing cold cup but now I focus more on epoxy, sublimations tumbler and T-shirts. Thank you all my supporters that have given me the confidence to show y’all what I’m capable off. I’ve always been pretty shy overall unless I’m comfortable with you and you guys have given me that comfort zone to socialize with you guys. I love you guys😍😍
I appreciate all the support from giving me a like to purchasing something from my shop.
you guys are amazing!!
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